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The Centre for Community Energy Transformation (CCET), established in 2022, aims to aid the transition to a sustainable energy transformation in the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and Town of Caledon. These municipalities, as well as Peel Region, have contributed seed funding towards CCET to implement its mandate and help reach respective municipal community energy goals with an aim to significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

CCET’s mandate is focused on convening partners to implement catalytic priorities to accelerate a community transition towards a low-carbon future. CCET’s initial focus will be to collaborate with its municipal partners on:

  • Advancing Deep Home Retrofits
  • District Energy Adoption
  • Spurring Institutional, Commercial and Industry (ICI) Energy Efficiency
  • Promoting Climate Change Related Outreach and Engagement

Originally identified as a catalytic action in Brampton’s 2040 vision, CCET is now a stand alone not-for-profit organization operating region-wide, that will advocate for energy investments, secure both private and public funding opportunities and be a hub for municipal energy excellence. It will assist residents, businesses and commercial property owners with improving energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions region-wide and in collaboration with its municipal partners. In June 2023, CCET welcomed Tony Iacobelli as its first Executive Director.


The work we do will serve the community and:

  • Be informed by science.
  • Be replicable by other communities.
  • Have quantifiable, documented results.
  • Be collaborative with community partners to amplify our collective impact.
  • Ensure social justice and inclusivity.
  • Generate direct, local economic benefits.
  • Demonstrate the concept of circular economy and one planet living.
  • Provide educational benefits and engagement opportunities to our community.

CCET Regional Community Partners

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