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Transatlantic Climate Bridge Conference

CCET’s Peter Love Participates as Transatlantic Climate Bridge Conference Panelist

Peter Love, CCET’s Board Chair participated as an expert panel member as part of the Transatlantic Climate Bridge Conference held this past June 5-13. The conference’s purpose was to further strengthen the climate and energy alliance amongst Germany, the United States and Canada. The conference sessions were designed to stimulate discussion and collaboration at the national and local levels and included, private sector, civil society organizations, and youth change agents.

“Cities and states need two things: they need to be listened to, and they need to be brought into international conversations.”

Ambassador Nina Hachigian, US Special Representative for City and State Diplomacy

Ambassador Hachigian, provided the keynote address which stressed the importance of national-level leaders to spearhead the facilitation of actions taking place at the local level. Speakers at the National panel in addition to Ambassador Hachigian included, Stefan Wenzel, US State Secretary, Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Governor Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey, former Ambassador to Germany, and Chris Forbes, Deputy Minister, Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Peter Love participated in a panel entitled, “Leading the Pack – How Subnational Policy Pioneers are Driving the Energy Transition”. The panel included senior Provincial, City, County and State bureaucrats as well as private sector consultants. Peter summarized Peel Region’s and specifically, Brampton’s Energy transition vision which fostered the creation of the Centre for Community Energy Transformation as “community incubator” organization that will facilitate deep energy retrofits in existing homes, design a roadmap for the implementation of district energy projects and encourage energy retrofit of institutional, commercial and industrial buildings. The panel provided many great examples of subnational leadership to rethink current energy systems to create lower carbon alternatives and provide better resiliency and self-sufficiency at the local level. Click here for more information about the Conference and to listen to the recorded sessions.






2 Responses to “CCET’s Peter Love Participates as Transatlantic Climate Bridge Conference Panelist”

  1. Doug Whillans Avatar
    Doug Whillans

    Great job Peter, it gives me great pleasure to see our Community energy plan that I helped develop during my first term on Brampton Council strengthen the climate change relationship on the international stage.

    1. CCEThostadmin Avatar

      Thanks for your comment Doug. I’ll pass it along to Peter.

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